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transit lines is going paperless and as kron 4 dave reports the agency will be using clipper card says the main method of ticketing. >> ac transit will stop doing paper tickets as of october 31st and after december 31st airborne to stop accepting them as fares altogether that's when you had to use the clipper card. the card honored by all of the bay area transit systems and parts, muni caltrans and a fair rate they can be purchased with a 31 day pass or cash value. if passengers will always able to use cash. ac transit said the clipper card will speed up the prices of boarding by eliminating coming up cash and points and sit on cost of paper by limiting tickets. leaking of the bay area's transit systems with the convenience of using one card. in oakland gave kron 4 news. >> as kron 4 broke the story a major flaw in muni's new high- tech clipper card transkei's commuters found a way to open the gates just by waving their hands in front of the consul
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there. the people are going through the tonight kron 47 roberts tells us how the transit authority is responding to the issue and the other changes directly related to the flaw could be coming. it's the story of see only on kron 4. >>last thursday kron4 showed you a major exploitable flaw in muni's 30 million dollar clipper gate system. it is a flaw that allows anyone to enter muni's pay area with nothing more than a wave of their hand, no card required. >> they all do it, they all do it. >> this glitch was first thought to be a problem only at civic center station. >> i did see it on t.v, so i reached around like i am coming from here. >> but at church street, i found the same thing, fair gates that open by simply passing your hand over the motion sensors. this is a system wide problem that muni officials knew about, but still allowed the gates to be put on line, and you paid for this. >> card i paid. >> since i was the first
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reporter to show you the flaw, i thought it should be fitting that i be the first to tell you this. a source inside muni, told me, because of this exploitable flaw in the clipper gate system some major changes are coming. one of those changes, the rehiring of at least four station agents, at $68000 per employ. so that unmanned booths will soon have agents. these workers were laid off during the recent budget cuts. >> you can keep the clipper cards forever it expires in 2038. >> i am also told that since clipper has gone on line there has been a significant increase in tickets issued to fair evaders. they say the increase is not related to the hand waving trick, it is because of clipper electronic cards. some people think that by simply having a clipper card is proof of payment. even thought there is no actual money on the card. one muni worker told me the clipper system was put on line with 0 inputs from muni employees, and now it has problems. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news.
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just a comment for story idea for stanley you can e-mail us at at more than 100 percent since the launch of the card back in june. more than 50,000 new riders use the card during the short work weeks following labor day and more than 40,000 bart riders you departed during that same period. the cards can be used to pay fares on muni, bart, ac transit, a cal train, colgate transit. t(v:we have kron 4 cres all over the bay area covering stories important to you here are four more stories in less than two minutes. >> cure an east bay is were oakland police say a woman was robbed andw3 sexually assaulted sunday night. a second woman was
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also sexual assault in rob on the 1400's block of third avenue. it oakland police suspect the same man may be responsible for both cases. in response oakland police say their canvassing the area in search of the suspect and asking residents to be mindful of their surroundings and to avoid distractions like talking on cell phones. in oakland kron 4 news. >> in san bruno crews are getting ready to remove debris here in the fire zone that's slated to begin on thursday. the health department said they wanted done as soon as possible before the rainy season begins because there were there could be toxic chemicals in the debris. residents and insurance adjusters are going through and sifting through the rubble and doing the work they need to do before the process begins. the full cleanup process is expected to take anywhere from three to four weeks and will monitor air quality will they do it. in san bruno kron 4 >> >> of here in san jose vector control is the battle against
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bedbugs the number of reported and institutions in santa clara motels, homes in college dorms is gone from a handful five years ago to more than 70 last year. the rise is blamed on an increased and the fact that bugs are extremely difficult to control. chemicals alone are not off and vigilance and persistence are required because the bugs are so good at hiding that just in bedding but also in furniture, would work even an electronic equipment or they can lay their eggs. in san jose kron 4 news. >> in another big story them barman to a group that say the bay has released its list of the waterways affected by toxic levels of garbage. 225 greeks and inland's were identified in this list. several of them are repeat offenders like here a day when slow in oakland their five urban creeks that go through oakland into the slough. trash is carried along the way and flows downstream but another big source of the trash is right over there. events of the oracle
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arena and the coliseum generated a lot of garbage that makes its way into the slough. in oakland kron 4 news. >> cooler and breezy this afternoon a live look for the bay bridge toll plaza mostly sunny skies. were going to see a similar day out there tomorrow. it will or seeing right now temperatures down about 5 to 15 degrees over what we saw yesterday about the same close to the coastline but cooler in the north bay and especially cooler in our inland valleys temperatures in the upper 60s in livermore concord a little warmer in antioch and fairfield. this is a big change over what we saw yesterday 12 degrees cooler in concord at 13 in livermore, 9 degrees coolerç nw the same amount of cooling in novato. çthe cooler weather wil prevail for tomorrow. we will have widespread talk tomorrow that will reform tonight and spread in landis of tomorrow morning foggy but that is when
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it clearly will have breezy and still cool conditions similar to today. big changes are on the horizon as we head into thursday and especially into the weekend. a big warm up and store all the details in your extended forecast coming up a bit. >> yesterday was the first day of the new 680 express lane it allows so commuters to use the carpool lane by paying a toll electronically with fast track on a 14 mi. stretch of southbound interstate 680 between pleasanton and milpitas. today they join us live to give us an update on all the first day went. what's the assessment so far surgeon? >> were pleasantly surprised that things were actually better today than they were yesterday we believe that people are getting the hang of things as well as having the extra officers out there for a visible presence we believe it's helping as well. >> what was the main source of confusion the fact that people needed a fast track or were they confused about this linage? >> i think the confusion was
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mainly at the beginning of were the express lane started to. so people don't realize they have enough time to get over to the express lane and they don't have to make their way across those stuck lanes. people remember once again on if you get on that area you do have time to get into the express lane. >> what were the number of tickets issued? >> i don't have an exact number is very minimal for a couple of reason number one we weren't seeing as many violations because as i mentioned before there is extra staffing in the area and number two, we were more soi] geared towards providing service and helping people out to in this area. we know in the beginning there's going to be a learning curve. >> what's the timesaving for someone who uses that? >> it will depend on the destination as well as the slow traffic so, during heavy traffic congestion and he could save
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yourself a good amount of time by using these lanes. traffic is moving pretty smoothly than you might want a save your monday and go in the times are heavy . >> thank you. let's take a look at cited traffic right now this is in san jose see the headlights' are southbound which are a bit slower southbound pureed right side no problem at all at the guadalupe overpass no problems and traffic. we'll be right back.
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baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably.
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[ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. a third suspect has been charged in connection with the shooting of a fremont officer last month. according to court documents francisco sierra we see here has been charged with an accessory to attempted murder for picking up andrew berry and goes after the suspected gang member carjack in oakland residents waffling the shooting scene. sierra an alleged gang member, admitted he did helped him hide from police hours after the
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shooting. barry and goes to see here is accused of shooting for what police officer in east oakland. he is expected to enter pleas later this week. the $25,000 reward being offered your information about the matter murder of joel rosenthal the 75 year-old was found shot in the head at one year ago. her body was discovered in an enclosed patio outside the front door for all. that led police to believe the killer was either let inside, had a key or she stepped of the enclosed area and the killer of all of her inside. please do not have any persons of interest in this case. please do not have any persons of interest in this case. >> slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats
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but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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this survey is out for san francisco and the bay area. it is the definitive guide for gourmet in which residents are hot. the key live yuccas finds out. >> if you can't get a table you
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can always set the bar and order even if your name is a gap. the people behind the burgundy colored car. >> they're here every day of the year and they love it. >> of the press the 20 elevens the gatt guide to san francisco in the bay area devoted one of the most popular restaurants the slanted door. san francisco >>. >> there in time to dine a car race famous for creek in mediterranean food. boulevard and the french laundry and cyrus made the list to the number one top restaurant in san francisco, six years running gary banquo. >> we make sure that everyone at least here is happy and wants to come back so that's our secret of success. >> this one downside to being number one for those of us would love to get and good luck try to
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find a reservation. in san francisco, vicki kron 4 news. >> and for the first time the san francisco survey also includes the the the two trucks and pop up the race. that is the category of cheap pizza or the best bang for the box. topping the list is the talk of trucks fleet with a brick and mortar offshoot heard the talk of truck can be found cruising up and down harrison street and the tacos or even best in the in and out berber which came in second followed by last year's winner dog on sandwiches. they're located on lockett and eddy at san francisco and customers and there can expect to get vietnamese challenges for only a few blocks. >> cooler out there this afternoon temperatures down 5 to 15 degrees a look at our current conditions 60s for the most part for the bay area. 77
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in santa rosa, 72 and that bus 76 in antioch in 7 down in san jose but again temperatures are cooler and it's pretty breezy this afternoon. when you factor winds like this and feels a little bit less three out there today a special in 7 cisco were temperatures are in the low 60s. tonight into tomorrow fog is going to read warm clothes to the coastline and spread well inland by early tomorrow morning for 5:00 a.m. in the morning we have the fog in the bay area i do think though be more fog in the north bay then what fog tracker showing the 7:00 hour you can see in making its way back to the coastline but still hovering over our inland valleys and back off shore in a later morning hours. temperatures will stay cool tomorrow 76 and rosa, 67 san or fall, 63 san francisco. the low seventies in our inland spots, 75 in antioch, 16 have monday-a mix of '60s and '70s through the
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bay shores and in the south bay. big changes in store for this weekend. >> you've probably heard it being agreed father in florida he climbed onto a school bus the areas getting on and began yelling at the children would bully this little girl. the video was caught by a security camera on the boss and was on line. the father cheerfully apologize. >> i handled it the wrong way when i went on the bus and i use the language i used. i would like to apologize to the families of the kids that were not evolved and the kids that were involved with my language. >> he was charged last week) bumper disturbing contact he was asked to stay away from county school buses he said is upset because students have been tormenting his 13 year-old daughter u.s. durable policy. today after pleading guilty to a drug charge paris hilton london and more problems. if this was her court appearance yesterday
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in las vegas today japanese officials delayed for at the airport in tokyo while deciding whether she should be allowed into the country because of the drug manner. she's traveling to promote her fashion and fragrance line immigration officials reportedly questioned her for hours today she's staying at an airport hotel will they come to a decision. why clef sean has officially ended his bets with for the presidency this is a singer and family on an early visit to the country he's been fighting an uphill battle of stories questioning whether he met the legal requirements to run for president he does live in new jersey. he announced today he's not going to fight any more to be included in the november race carried >> social media world this morning as some users fell victim to an ugly hackmatack and no news of others around the world word silent while twitter told viewers to stay with for the website well they work on a fit as. the twitter clutch and
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tips on how to keep your tweets safe. >> twitter got hacked the popular social networking tool fell to hackers the little blue bird taken down by the mouse. when thousands of users grow over links on twitter dock, ugly content appeared without warning in some cases retrieving the links to followers and spreading the bog around the globe. later tuesday twitter told users the glitch was fixed. some experts say the virus could of harmless just a nuisance to those affected including users like white house press secretary like robert and kids. raquel said visitors to porn site in japan and others exposed a nasty security flaw one that could be exploited by hackers in the future to install alisha software in steal personal permission. with twitters rapid expansion and now 145 + users
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the pack after pack of trouble. >> the platform wasn't built for this and these attacks will keep coming on twitter and a number of other social not working. to keep your tweet safe always keep an eye on what's going out to under your name. >> verify the contact that's out there and monitor your old platform >> use caution with any link even if it appears to be sent from a trusted file or appeared in washington i'm karen terry >> another check of the tuesday commute in san francisco look at the top of your screen for the james lick. traffic heading towards 80 it is our real crawled barely moving in all the top of your screen headed to the lower deck of the bay bridge east bound carried the bottom of your screen 1 01 southbound traffic have rolling slow. it will be back with much more news to come.
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured.
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protect your loved ones.
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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00. a multimillion-dollar corruption scandal now aid officials in southern california arrested. tonight just what happened in the city of bell. kron 4 takes a closer look at bay area cities and found several city managers with huge paydays. for city managers in the bay area earn more than $300,000 last year the now retired and montgomery and mill valley taking home more than 315,000 was the highest salary in the bay area. in livermore linda burton comes in at $3

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